Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hightlight From Day 1 - NYWC Atlanta

“I see a generation,

rising up to take it’s place

with selfless faith.”

Yesterday was an awesome day here at the NYWC. Being able to connect with old friends and meet new ones is always a highlight for me. I learn great stuff from seminars but my greatest encouragement comes from sitting at a table with other youthworkers learning from their heart and experience.

Although going to Lars Rood’s seminar was a close second, I would have to say the most powerful moment for me was singing the lyrics you see above.

Ever since I first heard “Hosanna” I’ve thought, “This is a song about the next generation”. This song reflects my heart and the prayer I’ve prayed for students and myself for almost 25 years.

Something powerful happened in my heart when around 3500 youthworkers sang these lyrics together. I had this moment where I felt as if through the people in this room, fouled up needy youthworkers, where going to be used by God to raise up a generation who selflessly share the gospel in word and deed.

What an exciting privilege to work along side men and women who love kids. As Tic said, we're a family, yes, a dysfunctional family.

So, youthworkers, let’s continue to pray that God will declare his greatness to the next generation. Let’s model a heart that cries out..

“heal my heart and make it clean,

open up my eyes to the things unseen,

show me how to love like you have loved me”

Have a great day 2!

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