Friday, March 12, 2010

I Feel Guilty

To be honest I feel guilty much of the time. I wake up in the morning thinking, "I did that too much", or "I didn't do that enough" or " I was too selfish" or "My words were a little harsh".

Ok, I know. It doesn't seem very healthy does it? Don't worry, after a while I get over it and refocus my attention. My focus slowly turns from thinking about me and my inadequacy to God and his limitless grace.

Here's the point. God delights in his people.

Psalm 149
For the Lord takes delight in his people.

The word delight kind of blew me away this morning. It doesn't say, "the Lord tolerates his people" or "the Lord is constantly frustrated with his people", it says he delights in his people.

He actually enjoys and cherishes us.

It's important to be sensitive to sin in our lives and there's always freedom to repent and be restored, but even in that whole process God's grace and favor is evident.

So join me today as I focus on God's delight in his people. Yes, we delight in him but the feelings are mutual!

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