Thursday, May 20, 2010

Leading Through The Hectic

We have a ton going on right now in our student ministry. From planning mission trips, to preparing summer camp, to raffling a corvette (you can buy a ticket) to saying good bye to a loved staff member, to prepping summer interns, to interviewing new staff to regular weekly programming there is a lot happening. This doesn't even include parent meetings, church staff meetings and all the other stuff that happens at a large church. As I write this I'm feelling a bit overwhelmed.

Have you ever been there? Maybe even now? Everything going on right now is good and necessary, but sometimes when we start moving fast we forget the some crucial parts of ministry.

Yesterday I had to slow my mind and refocus on a few things that are mandatory for this season in our ministry.


It's funny. When I need God the most I have the greatest tendency to act as if I don't. Prayerlessness is acting as if we don't need God. When schedules and activities start going fast it's easy to depend on ourselves instead of running to God.

Staff Relationships

If I'm running fast then my team is feeling it as well. Yes, we go through seasons of really hard work and there are other times where there's more flexibility. In times like these the leader must work extra hard to show genuine appreciation. My tendency is to be over demanding and difficult to please. If I do that now I could damage relationships that I value.

Adult Leaders

Spring time in student ministry must mean recruiting new leaders for the fall. From a strategic perspective this is the most important thing we can be doing with our time right now. It's very difficult because the deadlines for all the other stuff is soon. Relationship is a high value for our ministry and relationship happens when our volunteers are hanging with students. No volunteer leaders means no relationships with students.


When things start moving fast it's easy to forget we have to tell people what's happening. From staff to students to parents, effective communication can't be put on the back burner when things get hectic.

Ok, I would love to write a little more but I honestly don't have time right now. If you have any advice I could sure use it.


  1. delegate what you can . . . don't try to do it all.

  2. Great post David, something that is relevant to everyone in student ministry!

  3. Thanks Jeff,

    I was talking to a youth pastor friend last night. We were talking about how it's easy to do the urgent stuff and neglect the important stuff. It's hard to balance.

    Hope you're doing well.