Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Movie Reviews

Here's some ratings on movies I've seen this year, at least the ones I remember. This is out of 10.

Shutter Island - 8
Valentine's Day - 3
Despicable Me - 7.5
Robin Hood - 5.5
Green Zone - 5
Inception - 9

I've seen others, I've just started rating recently and to be honest I'm struggling to remember what I've seen. What did you think about these?


  1. Shutter Island - 7 (i watched you weep in that film)
    Valentine Day- wouldn't waste my money
    Inception- 8.5 (best movie of summer so far)

  2. You're just taking my ratings and lowering it by .5. That's stealing.

    AND took my wife to Valentine's day because that's what she wanted.