Saturday, July 30, 2011

Please Pray

Please pray for our students.

Last night Jha’Kyric Nixon drowned while at a birthday party for one of our students. He was around most Wednesday nights, he was one of us.

I spent a couple hours with students and parents at my house last night praying and remembering. They’re confused, sad, shocked, feel guilty and angry. They also have hope he is with Jesus.

Pray for comfort for his family.
Pray that students might see God clearly through the fog of loss.
Pray that God would take tragedy and turn it for his glory and our good. That’s what he does.

And really, please pray, even if just for a minute. There is so much at stake at times like this. The wall between the physical and spiritual feels paper thin.



  1. I will pray.I did not know him, but I know several of his friends and have offered comfort to them. I was their elementary counselor. If you know the Mayes, I also know them really well! :( So sorry about your loss!