Saturday, April 14, 2012

3 All Time Greatest Clips for Student Talks

Back in the day (20 years ago) it seemed you had to have a video illustration for any youth talk you did.

Oh how times have changed.

Now it seems better to use almost nothing when you speak, however sometimes you find just the perfect clip that drives home an important point.

So, with that in mind I thought we would take a trip down memory lane. Here are what I believe are the 3 greatest clips of all time for youth talks. Yes, these are old school and yes, I'm old. But anyway...

When this movie came out I had young boys who played baseball. I love this movie and particularly this clip. Over the years I've used this to inspire students to pursue others who are different and help them feel welcomed.

Tomorrow morning I'm using it as an illustration of how God longs to use us and says to us, "just put your hand up, I'll do the rest". He does take the ordinary person and makes them extraordinary.

OK, beyond being unbelievably funny this is a great clip. It's a halarious illustration of how a hypocritical person says one thing but believes and feels another. It resonates with students because they all have "friends" (notice the sarcasm) who say one thing and do another.

It shows how ridiculous we as Christians look when we raise our hands and sing passionately but our lives show no reflection of that passion.

Ok, I didn't find the exact clip but this is a powerful movie. It illustrates how most of us live, as if God is not satisfying enough.

Seth, the angel gives up eternity and God so he can have Meg Ryan's character. The movie is the total opposite of "Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere".

The best scene is at the end of the movie where Seth says he would rather have one kiss of her lips than eternity without it. He trades God for a girl. In a different way, we trade God for momentary pleasure all the time don't we?

No, I don't feel the pressure to find the perfect clip for a talk anymore, but it's still fun to think it through and very effective when the clip hits the bullseye. Just because the newness of technology has worn off doesn't mean we shouldn't utilize it when it serves the message.

Anyway, that's the best I have (or can remember).

What would be your top 3?


  1. My top 3:

    Dead Poets Society (Seize the Day) for, say, John 10:10 and the abundant life.

    The Lion King: (Scene where Rafiki & Simba talk about how the past can hurt but you are the prince) to talk about identity in Christ.

    Stranger than Fiction (where Will Farrel, in a dramatic role, tries to figure out if he's in a comedy or a tragedy) for who is "authoring your story."

    I don't miss those days and am glad students today don't seem to need video, but they sure were fun while they lasted!

  2. Oh yes, "consider your rosebuds while they may". Great clip, in fact in the early 90's I had all my students at my house to watch the movie then discuss...

    Love the other clips too.

  3. Another great clip- blood diamond- when dio confronts his father with a gun- his father says you are a son a good boy- it's rated R so I use it judiciously but a great clip none the less.

  4. Benny The Jet totally drops the S-bomb in this clip.

  5. I totally remember you using the City of Angels clip. Probably twice.

  6. Come on Evan, if you saw it, it was only once... Right?