Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years - Greatest Holiday in the Universe

Ok, that's a big statement but today really is one of my favorite days of the year. Yes, I love college football and will watch far more than I should but New Years Day is more than college football. Did I just say that?

Before the games get going you might consider getting some time alone to meditate and dream.


Sometimes we're like kids on Christmas morning, we receive great toys, play with them for a couple of days and forget about what we received. New Years day gives a great excuse to go through the previous year's calendar and REMEMBER all God has done. No matter what kind of year we experienced in 2010 God's hand is evident for those of us who follow him. Go through your calendar and remember all he has done. Take time and give thanks.


What an incredible excuse to sit, think, pray and dream about what God might do in the next year. As God gives vision write down what you believe he might be doing in your personal, family and ministry life. This is especially important if you are a leader. It's the responsibility of the leader to think longer thoughts. And hey, dream big, he's a great big God.


For as long as I can remember I've used late December / early January to plan what I will focus on for my personal study. 2 years ago I focused on the book of Isaiah, last year was the book of Psalms. I will be spending 2011 in the gospels, primarily the gospel of John. Yes, time in community with others is a priority for me, but personal focus in the Word and prayer is where God convicts, encourages and stretches my soul. Thinking about how to spend that time is worth the effort.

Yes, I'm about to slip into HD college football bliss (well almost, Notre Dame already thumped Miami yesterday) but I'm thankful for all God did in 2010 and anticipating his faithfulness in 2011.

Hey, Happy New Years!


  1. I love technology because I get learn from you even though you are several states away. Miss your daily wisdom, but thankful for your blog! -Christy