Monday, December 27, 2010

I Was Shoeless... Student's Perspective

A couple weeks ago some students went to "Shiloh", an apartment complex in south Dallas that houses African refuges. Our purpose was pretty simple, distribute 120 pairs of shoes and coats. Here's the perspective of Gavin, a freshman in high school.

"Those white buses to us, may seem like hours of uncomfortable rides, but to those children at Shiloh, it seems more along the lines of fun and joy and of presents. As we passed through those oh so familiar entry gates, it took only a few minutes for the environment to set in. It was one of chaos and screaming and punching, but also of loving and laughing and not caring how stupid we may look. Those quick smiles as the doors were opened to be greeted by people not of their own culture bringing gifts was enough to drive anybody to endure the next few hours of what could be viewed as psychotic entertainment. After the shoes were delivered, it was fun time from then on only to be interrupted by the much apparent rehearsed and prepared for play telling the story of the birth of Jesus. And as we were finally loading up on the buses, there is always one straggler kid to hop onto the bus as well or, more surprising, on fender or roof. It's never easy to go to Shiloh, but that doesn't mean that we don't have an amazing time serving others and laughing all the time."  

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