Thursday, December 9, 2010

Priceless, from my small group leader...

I received this email from one of my life group leaders concerning a conversation she had Sunday night in her lifegroup.

On Sunday nights we're teaching a small portion of the Advent Lectionary passages out of Isaiah. In speaking of the beauty of Christ's second coming I spoke about how the world we live in is broken. One of the girl's didn't like it a whole lot.

When I asked our leader if I said something controversial here's how she responded. It made my heart glad.

"You didn't. One of the girls didn't like that it was said that our
world was a broken place because she chooses to see the beauty in it
and doesn't see why people make such a huge deal about going how
horrible it is.

I said that God created us to be in fellowship with Him, in
heaven...and before I had a chance to continue or clarify she snapped
at me and said something along the lines of, well I thought we were
created for this earth. That just doesn't make any sense.

Everyone was quiet and I said that we were created for this earth, but
because sin entered brought death and destruction and God was
working right now to prepare a place for us and eventually there was
going to be a new earth. I also mentioned that she probably felt that
way because she had a different world view. Maybe she hadn't
experienced third-world hunger or the pain of a divorce, etc. etc.

It just seemed like she was looking for a reason to challenge me. I
don't know why but this particular girl has a lot of attitude with me.
& she's the last person I'd expect it from. Maybe I should talk to her
privately. The week before she answered her phone in the middle of me
praying. She ran out of the room before I could grab her to ask her
about it."

She did awesome responding didn't she? From this point on how would counsel her to lovingly reach out to this teen who is obviously struggling with her faith?

And yes, my adult leaders rock!

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