Thursday, December 23, 2010

X-Mas - Great Time to Connect with College Students

We actually did something pretty cool at our home last night. It wasn't my idea (most of the cool ideas aren't) it was a team coming together and dreaming about how to better connect with our college students and former students.

It was pretty simple, we called it "Home for the Holidays" and utilized facebook to invite people between the ages of 18 - 23 to join us for a time of reconnecting. We had a lot of food (if you're hungry for something sweet, come on over) 2 fireplaces on the back patio and a great time of connecting and reconnecting.

Here's where it gets really cool, we invited our high school seniors. Like many, we're looking for fresh ways to help our college students know they are still a part of our church family, even when they temporarily move away for education. I told our high school seniors that next Christmas they would be the ones home for Christmas. They're already excited about Christmas break 2011.

The highlight of the night for me was watching a girl who is a sophomore in college connect with a current high school senior who is thinking about attending the same university. I know if she goes to this university she'll have Godly connection immediately.

We don't want students who go away for college feel like their in purgatory when they come home for the holidays or summer. They are a part of our church family. We must help them know they have support and a place where they're loved.

So here's a question, have you seen or experienced some great ideas connecting with college students when they're home? Do share.

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  1. No matter whose idea it was, it was a great one. I love this idea of connecting with high school seniors and refreshing to know that many of our IBC now college students have not thrown their faith to the wind and are willing to encourage and model their faith that carried on and are growing during college.