Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pre - Convention Pep Talk

This afternoon I'm heading to downtown Dallas for the National Youth Worker's Convention.  I'm super excited to see old friends, hang out with my staff and learn from people who are smart and gifted.
It's going to be a super time but it's be a dangerous time for me.  Isn't that true of many opportunities?  The greater the potential the greater the danger. 

You see, I struggle like crazy with pride and arrogance.  It's easy for me to either feel a little better than others or super inferior.  If I'm not careful I can slip into the mode of comparing myself with everyone around.  I know!  It's horrible, but God's grace is good!

So, as I go into the weekend here are 4 ways I'm trying to maximize my time and walk away Sunday evening 
better equipped, more passionate for students and more in love with Jesus.

Think about my neediness...

I'm a needy man.  There's so much I need to learn and experience in order to grow.  As I navigate through the weekend my hands should be out asking for help and encouragement.  Thoughts like "been there done that" aren't very conducive to continued learning and growth.  It's exciting to think about what God is going to teach me about ministry, but also about my heart.  I'm praying for a soft / teachable heart.

Care and connect with others in need...

Student ministry can be difficult.  There will be youth workers at this convention who are struggling in their family, personal and ministry life.  There will be youth workers who feel they are about to be "let go".  There will be people who are stuck in their relationship with Jesus.  There will be youth workers who need freedom from deep sinful patterns.  As I embrace my neediness I hope I can be sensitive to others, listening more than speaking, encouraging more than seeking encouragement.

Write what I learn...

As God speaks to me over the next few days I'm committed to writing down what I'm hearing.  As you know, we all walk away from conventions feeling overwhelmed.  It's like a trying to take a sip from a fire hose.  Sometimes it helps to sort through all you're hearing by writing to make sure it gets deep into your heart and mind.

Have fun...

That's a given.  With my student ministry team there and friends coming in from all over the country I'm looking forward to all the connections.  Is there anything better than being with thousands of people who love Jesus and love students?  Youth workers definitely know how to bring on the fun.

BTW, I hope you're going to be here in Dallas.  If so, come with great hope and expectation.  Pray that God will have his way in your heart and the hearts of all who attend.

It's going to be an unbelievable weekend!

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