Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dear Parents... A Note To Cast Vision

Dear Parents of Children,

The heart of the Next Generations ministry at IBC is to “declare God’s greatness to the next generation, his might to all who are to come”. (Psalm 71:8)

This includes all ministries to children, students, families and young adults. Our desire is to see children and youth equipped to not only meet the challenges of today but to become world changers as they grow to maturity. As an older generation we share with them the greatness and might of God so they may pass His story to those who come behind them.

It’s exciting to have a staff team working together to look at the big picture, from preschool to launching young people into young adulthood those involved in next gen ministry are working together to serve you and your children on this journey.

What does this mean for you as parents? First of all, there is actually a spiritual formation plan in place. From birth to 5th grade, the children ministry staff carefully thinks through spiritual formation of children. As a church we are committed to partnering with you, the parent, to provide reinforced support in seeing your child grow in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

What does that mean specifically?

1. We’re committed to partnering with you the parent to teach children the “who” and “what” of Biblical truth.
As children are being prepared for middle school and beyond it’s important they begin to understand the simple and profound truth of who God is. It’s important they have an understanding of the big themes of scripture as well as the simple but life giving truth of the gospel. 

2. We’re committed to teaching in the context of relationship.
Did you know that your son or daughter sees the same adult leader every week consistently? Some of these adult volunteers continue to serve these children through middle school and high school. That happens because relationship is very important and true discipleship and spiritual formation happens most effectively in the context of relationship. 

3. We’re committed to providing principle driven support to parents
Last year parenting at IBC hosted two half-day conferences and three shorter seminars to provide principle based equipping for you the parents. To take a look at our “guiding principles” visit our Parenting at IBC page.         

As a parent, you are strategically placed by God to provide the greatest influence. My guess is most of us didn’t go to “parent school” to learn how to navigate parenthood. Parenting at IBC longs to serve you with core principles and practical tools to help you fulfill God’s calling.

Thank you so much for allowing IBC to partner with you in helping you and your children grow in Christ, connect in community and join the mission. We’re excited not only about what is happening in the lives of children today, but looking forward to seeing them continue to pursue Jesus and serve the world when they’re launched into adulthood.

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