Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Holy Week and Student Ministry

As youth workers we have a deep hope that students will still be following, loving and serving Jesus long after they leave high school.

A big part of them continuing their faith into adulthood is including them in intergenerational opportunities in our children's and student ministries.  High school students attending and participating in intergenerational worship is particularly important for their faith in the future.

Here's a question... 

How are you promoting your church's Holy Week gatherings to your students?  

Are your students in any way involved in the leadership of those gatherings?

Sometimes we push our student ministry activities but forget about the intergenerational gatherings that may impact them the most.  With all the beauty, depth and symbolism that is naturally included in Maundy Thursday services and Good Friday gatherings there's no doubt students could be deeply impacted.  

It's not too late to encourage them to participate.

Are you doing anything to encourage their participation?

Does your worship team / pastor recognize there will be kids in the room?

What about creative ideas to encourage their involvement?

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