Advent - "Coming"

Many focus and celebrate the beautiful truth that Christ came to us, born in a small town called Bethlehem.  Others correctly emphasize a time in the future He is coming again.

Christ has come! Christ is coming again!

There's another nuance of the Advent season many forget.  For me one of the most beautiful pictures of Christmas is the simple truth that Christ is the One who comes to sinners like me...every day.  I need to be reminded that his transforming presence is available through His Spirit in my life and the lives of those around me.

Walt Mueller posted this quote from James Montgomery Boice this morning.  It reminds us that what Jesus did 2000 years ago has profound benefit for us today.

If the story were a fable or even an event that merely had happened 2,000 years ago (or even 100 years ago) and then ended, it would have no hold upon us.  What does it really matter that somebody died long ago in a far-off land? 

I have my problems.  You have your problems.  So what? 

But if the One who came then still comes, if He comes to the individual through His Spirit to bring the results of the salvation He accomplished 2,000 years ago to where you and I stand and act now, then this story lives and enables us to live also.

So as Christmas quickly approaches remember the Bethlehem story but also take moments to meditate on the beautiful truth that Christ is present today.  What Jesus did in his life, death and resurrection has profound power in our lives today.  That's the Christmas gospel.

He meets you, loves you and transforms you.

Advent Peace