Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Grants are moving to Dallas part 2

After Julie and I returned home from our "first date" with Irving Bible Church we knew we had to decide whether or not to go through the interview process. There were so many things to think and pray about. Do I really feel like I should leave NNYM? I really have a heart to love and serve youth pastors and their ministries. What about our kids, Austin is a senior. Could we move and him not graduate from Northview? There was a lot to pray about.

After thinking, praying and getting a lot of council we decided to go through the interview. A couple of weeks later Austin and I flew to Dallas for the weekend to be interviewed. The more I went through the process the more I fell in love with the church and the job they were creating. 2 days later the church offered me the position of student ministries pastor.

The job is a directional leadership position. The student ministry pastor would lead a team but also be involved in the lives of middle school and high school students. Another great thing about the church is they wanted me to continue my ministry to youth pastors and other churches.

Again, we went through a few days of seeking council, praying and thinking. For our family we never make decisions in a vacuum. Everyone we spoke with felt it was a difficult but right move for us. Julie and I joyfully accepted the position. I began commuting to Dallas on November 1. It's now the middle of January.

Julie, Zachary and Lauren are living with me in a great apartment in Flower Mound, Texas. The church has graciously provided the apartment for the next 3 months. I continue to be amazed at the love this church is showing us.

Transition is difficult, but in this case we believe it to be God's calling on our lives. The difficult thing is that when God moves Julie and me it impacts our children, family and friends. Andrew is continuing at GCSU and Austin is living with some good friends. Lauren and Zach are having their world rocked as they have moved to Texas. My hope and prayer is that this time will result in each of us leaning into Jesus.

In 2001 when we moved to Atlanta to take the position at Perimeter church it was obvious God was working on our lives. We have loved our time in Atlanta. As we continue our journey here in Dallas we hope we don't lose touch with so many friends in Atlanta.

Life really is an adventure for the Grants. It's full of suprises, some are easy but many are difficult. Our lives are in his hands and that's a good thing.

So far it seems the position for me is a great fit. We're excited about God's heart for each of us in the next months.

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  1. We are all so glad you and your family are here and pray that the transition will be easier as you all see how God is going to use each of you in a special way.