Wednesday, November 18, 2009


For some reason God seems to work in unusual ways on retreats. Many of you have had a camp or retreat experience where God seemed to be closer and more active than usual. Perhaps it's because we finally hit the "pause" button. You know, we take the time to jump off the rat wheel to take a deep breath, and then exhale. Last weekend at Sky Ranch would be one of those times for our high school ministry.

As soon as students arrived you could tell something cool was happening. It seemed there was a sense of anticipation and hope about what this weekend would bring. Soon after everyone arrived every adult and student found a quite place to ask God one simple question, "God, what do you want to do in me this weekend?"

We had simply been asking God to help us connect with Him and each other in a fresh way. He did. We are still hearing stories.

One issue that is damaging to community and "togetherness" is unforgiveness. One student shared that he has to work on forgiving his father who has essentially abandoned and rejected him. That's God sized stuff. Another student said she understood and embraced the gospel for first time. She is now a Jesus follower.

When you look at us as a group it would seem we don't really "fit" with each other. There is all kinds of economic, racial, interest, religious, etc. diversity, but God seems to be melting our hearts together. Over the weekend students prayed together, shared food together, played together, and worshiped together, connecting with God and connecting with each other.

Hitting the pause button is kind of important. I wonder how often God is working and speaking but we're moving too fast to sit and listen to Him and others.

May we be people who make space in our lives to be still. Will you?

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