Monday, November 23, 2009

Rick and Nancy

This morning I’m sitting at Rick and Nancy Beggs house with some strange memories. I remember sitting here having some wine trying to figure out life and what God was doing with the journey we were on. In fact as I sit here there is a flood of emotion that comes from a period of deep pain but great anticipation in my life.

In this room there has been lots of laughter and most likely some tears. I haven’t been here tons of times but the times I have been here have had tons of significance.

I really love Rick and Nancy. They're are the kind of people I would like to become. They’re gracious, hospitable, transparent and authentic. They love Jesus and love others really well. Although our paths only crossed for a few years they have left and continue to leave a mark on Julie and me.

Thank God for people like them. It’s once again a fresh reminder that God never intended for us to walk alone.

May God give us the grace to encounter people and be people that love others well.

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