Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Exxon Man

The coolest thing just happened. I was at the Exxon station here in beautiful Flower Mound Texas after hanging out with some high school kids at Chick-F-La. Out of nowhere a truck driver walked up and started talking to me.

He drove one of those huge tanker trucks that delivers gas. I know he was an Exxon man because he was wearing a hard hat that said "Exxon". I'm smart that way.

He was just nice and cheery. Not in an artificial, annoying way but in an organic natural way. He asked me a couple of questions. "Are you on your way to work or just somewhere to relax?" (I had on my sweat pants) I said "oh, neither". Then he told me he didn't want to take up any of my time. He wasn't, I was pumping gas.

Then came the big question, "I have here a gospel tract, would it be ok if I gave it to you?" Now, honestly this isn't really my style at all. I like to build relationships with people and share my life in such a way that gives me opportunity to live out the gospel before them. Kind of a share the gospel at all times and if necessary use words approach.

My response to the Exxon man? "Absolutely" He then said this, "this may be the only opportunity today for you to hear that God loves you".

It made my day! I'm so thankful I ran into him. Some of you are hoping I meditate on the tract and finally got saved. I didn't, but it did remind me that we are to boldly live out and speak the gospel in every aspect of our lives. At church, the restaurant, our work place, our school, our sports team or club and yes even the Exxon station.

May we have a whimsical, bold and gentle delivery of the gospel today, whether we wear a hard hat or not. Will we?

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