Wednesday, February 9, 2011

God of Romance???

Question of the day...

Did God create romance and if so, so what?
How is God's perfect intention different from how most teens view romance?


  1. Girls:
    Romance = Love

    Romance = Foreplay

  2. Noun:
    Tale of heroic or marvelous exploits
    Sounds like the Bible. Is the Bible a romantic tale? I say, yes. Between a groom (Christ) and His bride (the Church).

    To woo passionately
    Again, it sounds like God. The Bible is His story of His passionate pursuit (wooing) of us!

    Did God invent romance? No, He IS romance!

  3. I like it Haley!

    As it relates to male / female relationships I want them to understand that this mystery and desire they have with the opposite sex wasn't man made, they are designed by God with an attraction to the opposite sex.

    Thanks so much for the input.