Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Asking My Daugther For Help

This weekend we're sharing with parents at IBC the importance of "principle based parenting". Many parents chase after the latest strategy or method which can leave them frustrated and shallow. There are certain foundations that must be in place.

One of the most important principles for parenting is the principle of relationship. Most of us with children would agree and say "of course" but for many reasons relationship with our kids is a struggle.

Intentionally and aggressively pursuing relationship with your children is essential.

My children are older now. I came across this little clip that reminded me of how time flies. Of course I could have done more, but the past can't be changed, the future can.

Lauren is my youngest kid at 16. Yesterday we had a great and candid conversation. I shared with her I wanted to do a better job pursuing relationship with her. I simply want to do better.

You see, sometimes I don't know how to pursue relationship with her. It's not easy reading her and discerning what she needs from me. So I simply asked her for help. We're going to work on it together. She had some great ideas and shared with me some things I had done that hurt her. We made significant headway in our relationship.

So, what about asking your kids (if they're a little older) how you might go about pursuing relationship with them? Just asking the question is good but applying the answers could be transforming.

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