Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why You Cannot Miss YS Palooza

Next weekend is YSPalooza DFW.

YS Palooza - Dallas / Ft. Worth

Our student ministry staff is attending and we're strongly encouraging all our adult volunteers to join us. If you're a youth pastor or work with students in the DFW area you can not miss this opportunity.

Here's why...

It's Relatively Convenient

Let's face it, our volunteers are incredibly busy, but I can't imagine a better opportunity for our people to be exposed incredible voices sharing their heart about student ministry. It is a couple of days over a weekend but it will be worth the time. Our staff and volunteers will definately walk away knowing it was worth their time.

Reinforcing Voices

It's a huge win when the "experts" reinforce what's being said to volunteer leadership. When Kara, Jim and Doug present I can trust their message is in alignment with how we've been training and enccouraging our leaders for the last couple years. It will make us look a little smarter and trust me, we need all the help we can get.

It's Affordable

YS has priced the event in a way that makes it assessable to everyone. Equipping our adult leaders is a high value in our student ministry, therefore we're paying half their cost out of our budget. We honestly believe it will make that big of a difference in their lives and the life of our student ministry.

The Line Up Is Incredible

Just to name a few, Doug Fields, Jim Burns, Walt Mueller and Kara Powell are going to be speaking. It's unbelievable that our volunteers are going to get to hear the freshest most experienced voices in student ministry today right in their own back yard.

So, I'm excited about how God is going to use this ultimately in the lives of students in our area. As our leaders grow and develop so our ministry grows and develops. If you haven't thought about coming and bringing leaders with you it's not too late.

Be there.

By the way, if you're there please look me up. It would be fun to connect and I'll buy the coffee.

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