Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blind Spots - You Have Them

It's happened to you.  

You're on a 4 lane road...

Before you change lanes you turn on your blinker...

you check your mirrors and began to ease into the other lane...

but at the very last second you hear a horn and realize there is a car right in your blind spot.  

About that time your heart jumps up in your throat as you swerve away from the potential collision.

It happens in the car - it happens in life. 

I recently had a friend share something with me I didn't realize I was doing. It reminded me of the importance of having people in our lives show us our blind spots.

We all have blind spots.  There are areas of our life and ministry we cannot see unless someone points them out.

We have personal blind spots - 

Having people in our lives who will lovingly tell us the truth is non negotiable.  God has called us to live in authentic community and many times that community includes encouragement, reproof and even rebuke.  Sure, the encouragement is always needed but we need men and women in our lives who have the courage to show us all areas we cannot see.

Proverbs 27:6
Wounds from a friend can be trusted,
But and enemy multiplies kisses.

We have ministry blind spots - 

In my opinion Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer in the world.  When he's playing his best there's no one who can beat him.  Guess what, he has blind spots.

Although he could drill his golf coach in a round of golf he needs his coach to help him see what he cannot see himself.  You probably have blind spots in your ministry and should consider asking someone on the outside to take a look.

Having a ministry friend, coach or consultant assess and ask questions is always a good idea.

So here are 3 questions...

1.  Is there someone in your life who you trust to show you what you can't see yourself?

2.  Be honest.  You know you have them but do you really want someone to point out your blind spots?  Ignorance is bliss...isn't it?

3.  Are you the kind of person who makes it easy for others to help you see what you can't see yourself?

I'm so thankful for friends (past and present) who have loved me enough to show me weaknesses or sin I couldn't see myself.  God has used them to form who I am and how I serve in ministry.

We cannot grow unless we are willing to listen, learn and change.  Seek others who are compassionate but courageous.  Give them a green light to share with you what they believe you don't see. 

I'm confident you and I will never grow without others who are willing to show us our blind spots.  Go find people who can show you what you cannot see.

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