Thursday, April 18, 2013

When Students Take Over - An Example

What does it look like when students begin to feel genuine ownership in student ministry?  Yesterday I was looking at our high school ministry's facebook page and came across this unsolicited post from one of our seniors.  

It made me smile.  Enjoy.

Just something I'd like to share

Looking through old pictures getting ready for beach camp this year. And I came across this one. It reminded me so much of what had happened on the pool side during our pool talks. 

We would share stories, something we learned, or maybe something we were struggling with. And during this time I was shown just exactly how many people had a poor relationship with their dads. I was blown away. I couldn't relate. My dad has always been around and never hurt me. But there were so many people that could. Everyone acted like the family we claim to be! On top of that I thought about how awesome it was that although some of our earthy dads suck. Our Heavenly Father is amazing! His love for us is so great and powerful! And we get to worship him all week, we get to spend time with him everyday! And I cannot wait for this opportunity to hear stories of people who found their joy in god during beach camp this upcoming summer! 

When students take over you don't have to promote your events as much, they'll do it for you!  And by the way, they'll also write your blog for you.


  1. That's awesome! Those times at camp are always so sweet. Wondering if there was a way to recreate those more during the year...

  2. That's a great question Ryan. Trips (mission, camp, retreats) are so important for ministry. They're kind of like the tent poles for ministry.

    How do you think through maximizing those experiences throughout the year?