Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Student Leadership - They Can't See It

Yesterday I had the privilege of sitting with some youthworkers at YS Unconference Kansas City to discuss student ministry.  One of the discussions I attended was on student leadership which created some fascinating dialogue.

I'm passionate about student leadership and have been working for years to help students discover, develop and utilize their giftedness.  In our ministry context we're only scratching the surface on doing this well so I'm  thankful for the other youthworkers in the circle who encouraged and taught me.

Sitting in the circle I was reminded of something so crucial in helping students in the discovery process.

They Can't See It

They can't see the fact that they're growing in their faith.
They can't see that God has uniquely wired and gifted them for service.
They can't see that their friends watch them and seek them out for help.
They can't see the impact it makes when they engage the student sitting alone.
They can't see that when they pray God moves.
They can't see the potential they have for the Kingdom.
They can't see that how they serve behind the scenes brings God glory.

Simply put, unless we tell tell them where we see God working in them and the potential they have for the Kingdom they will never know.  We must help them see what they can't see themselves.

When is the last time you caught a student doing some great and complimented them?  When was the last time you sat with a student just to cast vision for "what if"? 

If we don't help them see it, who will?

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