Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thoughts From the Farm

It's really nice to be at my old house this Thanksgiving.

Growing up on a farm in Southeast Tennessee is quite an experience. As my family took a walk on the farm today I was flooded with all kinds of memories.

Visions of mowing the fields on a tractor, learning how to fish, riding my horse, climbing my favorite persimmon tree, picking blackberries, riding my motorcycle and playing tackle football in a field covered in cow patties where all very vivid.

(And yes, she thinks my tractor's sexy)

As I walked around the pond I remembered fishing for catfish with my best friend Todd. We would go to the pond around 11pm armed with rotting chicken livers and swisher sweet cigars. The piercing stench of the livers was overwhelming but the catfish couldn't resist, or the turtles. Poor Todd would always catch an snapping turtle but rarely a fish. Of course I never bragged.

My Granny taught me how to dig for earth worms and make sure I spit on them before throwing the bait into the pond. It really works! Grandpa would always promise to help me ride the horse but always had to "rest his eyes" for an hour or so before. His favorite phrase was "right now in a minute". "Right now" almost never arrived.

Today, the open fields are overgrown with trees and the pond is kind of stagnant and empty. The house my grandparents lived in is being rented to someone I don't even know, kind of weird. Both Granny and Grandpa have been gone for years now.

My best friend Todd died in the winter of 95 in a kayaking accident. I still miss him.

All this sounds kind of sad but I'm really thankful for the way I grew up. Sure, there has been heart ache in the past. In fact I have friends around the country right now who are going through deep waters, I'm in the game with them.

Spending a lot of time with grandparents is a huge part of who I am today, in fact all my experiences on the farm are a part of who I am.

All these memories cause me to savor what is happening in my life today. When we're young we rarely think about slowing down enough to breath in what is happening in the now.

It's hard to believe how much things can change in just 25 years. It's good to take time to remember and be thankful. A long time ago God was shaping me to be and do all he intends for his Name and glory. He's still working on me.

It all makes me wonder, What will thanksgiving be like 25 years from now? But instead of living in the past or wondering about the future, I want to take in all God has for me today.

I am graciously blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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