Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why I'm Excited About Unconference

Next Monday I'll be 1 of many youth workers converging on North West Dallas to fast, pray, think and create.

There are students all over our country and world that desperately need to understand and embrace the true gospel. My hope is that "unconference" would sharpen each of us to more effectively share the good news of Jesus' love to the students around us.

It's been a long time since I set aside a couple of days to pray and dream about how to see God's greatness passed to the next generation. Almost all youthworkers worth their salt long to see God's greatness passed to those who are younger.

Yes I'm excited. What could be more fun than hanging with men and women who love to do what I love? Here are some specific reasons why I believe this gathering will be huge for myself and those who serve students.

  • Prayer and Fasting.
We need God. Apart from him we can do nothing. Prayerful dependence on God will be the foundation of all we dream. God longs to show his strength to those who are needy. That's us.

  • Many Voices
As we learn, share and create together the wisdom of all who are there will be heard. As a person who longs to learn I'm excited to learn from my fellow youth workers who are making impact in those around them.

  • Hanging Out
I just returned form the NYWC and had a great time. The most enjoyable part for me was getting time with other youth leaders. Yes, the younger kids kept me out way past my bedtime but we had a blast. I think I'm just now recovered from little sleep.

If there's any way you can make it next week please come and be a part. We're trusting God is bringing exactly who he wants. We long for your voice to speak into the experience.

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