Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why NYWC is a dangerous place...

...well, at least for me.

In fact any place where there are other youth workers who do what I do can be a struggle. You see, I struggle with all kinds of pride issues. It seems God uses gatherings like these to shed a huge spotlight on the places that may be in the dark.

  1. I love to be noticed.
  2. I am naturally competitive
  3. I play the comparison game
  4. I typically feel I'm a little better than others
  5. I want to be seen as important
And yes, "I" was used with intentionality. Those of you who don't struggle with these same issues please don't judge, you have your own.

My hope and prayer for myself and others who struggle with insecurity and ego is that this weekend will be a time we genuinely walk in humility and "esteem others as better than ourselves". It is true, God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

I can't afford to miss what I can receive from others and the little I can offer.

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  1. David, Just ran across your blog here bro. Hope you have a great time at NWYC.

    --Terrace Crawford