Sunday, March 20, 2011

Push, Pull, Tug, Tow - YSPalooza


Our student ministry is committed to encouraging and equipping Godly adults to rub shoulders with students. Because of this philosophy there is nothing more important to us than our staff serving and encouraging adult leaders.

Now saying that, we often have mission drift. Mission drift is when you know what is most important but you spend time, money and energy focusing on something else. This often happens often when ministry is judged by numbers and how happy parents are with their kids going to Sunday School.

Sure, we do other important activities in our ministry but our "special sauce" is relationship. Although we often find ourselves "drifting" a little we always return to our calling to unleash a team of adult leaders to serve students.

Encouraging our adults to attend YSpalooza is a no brainer for us. There's no way we could get them to a full NYWC or other national retreat but having them exposed to other youth leaders will be a shot in the arm to our ministry. They're going to experience phenomenal encouragement and training from some of the best student ministry voices in the country. And what could be more inspirational than worshipping with other like hearted youth leaders in the same room?

I can't wait to debrief with them about what they hear and experience. With all of us engaging in the same training it will give our entire team a common language to think about how we better engage the hearts of our students.

So, if your within 219 miles of Dallas I hope to see you and your team there. My hope is that this short weekend will strengthen youth ministry all over our region.

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