Thursday, May 19, 2011

Youth Ministry Unconference Wisconsin

Youth Ministry Unconference is a gathering of youth workers who dream, collaborate and discuss how to more effectively reach and deepen students. There is no celebrity, special speaker or expert who dominates. Well, I take that back, everyone who attends the event is an expert in their own way.

Each person who attended last week's Wisconsin unconference brought unique perspective and genius to the table. God has gifted Wisconsin with sharp and passionate youth workers. This conference format allows for each person's giftedness and experience to encourage and challenge others.

Some brief thoughts...

Many youth workers are burned out and need time away to reflect and decompress.

Youth workers seem to be beyond the glitz of events and long for the supernatural movement of God in their ministries.

There seems to be a powerful and beautiful "handoff" of youth ministry from the older generation to the next.

Youth workers love to be together and are incredibly fun.

We're still trying to figure out the best way to get students connected to Godly adult leaders.

Youth workers need each other.

Fried cheese curds are delicious.

Although I came back to Texas exhausted it was the good kind of exhaustion. I was encouraged, challenged and blessed to be a part of the conversation. It's also pretty cool to have some new friends in Wisconsin.

I would highly encourage you to host and or lead a youth ministry unconference in your area. It's a unique angle on equipping and encouraging youth ministry that is as effective as anything I've experienced in 20+ years of youth ministry. You and those who participate will walk away challenged, encouraged and better equipped. It's also a great way for each one who is there to humbly encourage and equip others.

To learn more check it out...

Youth Ministry Unconferences

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  1. It was great having you in Wisconsin, David! I am blessed to call you friend and even months later see unconference as one of the highlights of the year!

    Cheese curds are delicious and when you come back in May 2012 I will have more waiting for you!