Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Little Girl

Well, believe it or not my daughter Lauren turns 16 today. Now, having 3 boys that are older you can imagine the shock of dealing with a little girl. It's just plain 'ole different.

Trying to love her well has been a constant reminder of how much I need God's grace. And no, I don't have it down. God is still teaching me.

By the way, she is an incredible young lady in spite of me (thanks to her amazing mother).

Here are a few of the many characteristics I love about Lauren.

* She has a deep heart for those who are hurting.

She told me the other day she wants to become a special needs specialist / teacher. I think that's amazing. Sure, someday God is going to use her to care for people in need but God is using her soft heart today. Very rarely have I seen someone who cares about their friends when they're hurting the way Lauren does. God has truly given her a huge heart of compassion.

* She is incredibly honest about her feelings

Sometimes she could use a filter but you never have to guess what's going on in her heart, she'll tell you. This is so important in a world where people come across as fake. It's great that Lauren can simply be herself. She gets angry, sad and hurt just like everyone else. And yes, when those feelings are present most of the time we know it.

* She's really comfortable in her own skin

Sure, she spends time trying to make herself look prettier. By the way, I don't understand straighteners. It seems stupid to straighten hair that is already straight. All joking aside, Lauren seems to understand that beauty is something that ultimately comes from the inside. Yes, she's beautiful on the outside but Lauren knows there's so much more.

* She burps really loud

It's much louder than her brothers. Maybe this goes back to being comfortable raising boys? When she burps is grosses me out and makes me happy at the same time.

* She loves Jesus

Not perfectly, but her heart belongs to him. I can see the power of the gospel transforming her into the lady God wants her to be. I told her the other day that I want her to dream about how God might use her one day for his glory. (He already is)

She is so precious to me. There is nothing I wouldn't do to protect her and encourage her.

Happy birthday Alex. Know that you are loved and that your daddy is so, so proud of you.

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