Monday, May 23, 2011

End of school year email to adult leaders...

Lifegroup and 10:24 is over for the school year. What to do?

It’s a very common question. The most important point to remember is that relationship is not a program. Sure, we provide space for you to build relationships with students but just because the scheduled gathering has ended doesn’t mean your relationships end.

Some thoughts...

If you didn’t have a celebration last night you might want to go out for ice cream or something after this Sunday’s student led event. Talk about what God has done over the year.

Go to camp.

Show up on a Sunday night at least once a month over the summer. We don’t have life groups but your students are still around and would love to connect with you. (you’re welcome any time btw)

Go to camp.

Attend one of the special Wednesday night events.

Live on facebook. Yes it’s one of the easiest way to connect.

Go to camp.

Plan a summer outing with your group.

It’s been a phenomenal year of relational ministry. You have prayed, connected and invested in students this school year. It’s evident that God is continuing to do a unique work through our student ministry here at IBC. Thank you so much for your investment.

Did you ever know that you’re my hero?


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