Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Home For The Holidays - College Ministry Idea

This is isn't your grandfather's family reunion.

For the third year in a row we had rowdy college students at our home for our "Home for the Holidays" gathering.  It's a simple way to gather with students and see them reconnect with friends and yes, it really feels like the family reunion you would WANT to attend.

We don't do much, build some fires get some food and let them connect.

Our high school seniors are also invited.  We want them to begin the transition to college and see that although they may go away to college they still have a church family in Dallas.

By the way, can I tell you how rewarding and humbling it is to see and hear what God is doing in the lives of student?  Also seeing them connect with former small group leaders is priceless.

So, consider your own version of "Home for the Holidays".  It could end up being your favorite time of the year.

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