Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Adult Leaders and Summertime

Ahhhh, summertime and student ministry!!!

Mission trips
Texas Rangers Baseball
Slip and Slide Kickball
Bahama Bucks
120 Degrees

I can't wait!  But what about your adult leaders?

Our student ministry is based on "life on life" small groups led by Godly passionate adult leaders.  Our small group program takes the summer off because our leaders need a little break from the hectic school year.  

But there's tension, discipleship isn't a program but a relationship.  

Every spring we struggle with the question, "what's a healthy expectation for our adult volunteers through the summer"?  Summer doesn't weaken their heart for students but our summer schedule doesn't give our leaders a weekly small group setting in which to connect.

It's important that you give them expectations and ideas.  Without a "program" they're attending they may need help understanding what their role should be.  Communicate, communicate, communicate.

In an attempt to find balance with giving our leaders some down time but continue the rhythm of relationship here's what we're asking of them.  

In fact, here's a portion of an email we sent them yesterday.

We want you to have some time off over the summer but also know that relationship doesn’t take time off.  Here’s some suggestions.

1.  Swing by on Sunday nights as often as possible.

We don’t have life groups but we will be having our “What I wish I knew in high school series”.  Your presence is so important to kids.  Show up if you can.

2.  Go to beach camp.

Nothing says “relationship” like camp.  What do you think?

3.  Keep those twitter, Facebook and Instagram relationships going.

It’s not face to face relationship but it reminds kids there are adults who love them and are in the game.

4.  Plan a summer outing.

One time this summer plan something fun for you and your group.  If you need ideas reach out to Chris or Chelsea.

We’re in the process of finishing up our summer calendar.  We will make sure you get a copy asap.  In the meantime here are some dates to put on your calendar.

May 29 – Night to honor graduating Seniors
May 31 – Adult Leader’s Year End Cookout – Mary Ann Connor’s
June 2 – Last Life Group:  “Remember”
July 8 – 12 – Beach Camp
July 17 – Summer SWAG
August 17 – Fall Training (Mandatory for all Leaders)

My hope was to give them options without them feeling pressured.  Many of them will take initiative and go above and beyond.  Others really do need some time to breath and rest.  I hope they feel the freedom to take it.

So, here's to a great 3 months of fruitful student ministry.  

How do you utilize your volunteers through the summer months?  

We're all ears.

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