Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Humility: Practical Steps Day 4

"We mortify pride and cultivate humility by identifying evidences of grace in those around us"


Are you the kind of person that thinks critically? In other words, do you almost always see the glass half empty? I sure am. It's easy for me to ignore the good and go right for the bad.

As I was reading this morning I was reminded that we should look for God's fingerprints in the lives of people instead of having a critical spirit.

Here are a few thoughts...

* Criticism of others is many times a result of playing the comparison game. Comparing ourselves to others is almost always self centeredness and pride.

* We should try to catch others doing something right. Most people don't see God's hand in their own lives, they see the sin. We have the privilege of pointing them to the grace of God in their own life.

* It's easiest to ignore grace and criticize those closest to us.

In interacting with you, what is your spouse more aware of- (I would add children) evidences of grace you've noticed, or the need for change and growth?


Today I'm going to actively look for God's grace in the lives of others. For those of us in student ministry this is especially crucial. When you hang with students tonight be a truth teller. Notice what God is doing in their life and let them know about it. They won't ever know unless you tell them.

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